Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bye, bye crib?

Cooper has been sick all week and woke up very distressed around 11:30 tonight. We got him some milk and some medicine and then I lied down with him to wait for meds to kick in and then put him back in his crib.

When I tried to put him back in his crib he very strongly refused. (I always get some pushback, but this was extreme.) So I let him know I was leaving to go to my own bed, which wasn't a problem for him.

I am now staring at the video monitor expecting him to either fall out of bed, or at least climb out. So far he just seems to be exploring how much more room he has.

Could this be it? Are we done with the crib??

YouTube Video


  1. OMG. What is the follow-up? Is he out of his crib? It will have to come pretty soon as he fills it up from head to tow!!

  2. Friday night = back in crib after playing with the blinds
    Saturday night = woke up at 9am, safe and sound
    Sunday night = good so far