Monday, August 29, 2011

Cooper the artist

Cooper's first foray in to the world of drawing.

YouTube Video

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He does it to himself!

Sometimes you don't even need to harass Cooper, he does it to himself. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

No likey!

Cooper has started to string two words together. For better or worse, the first two words he has put together are "no" and "like". He uses them a lot, and I must say, rather effectively.

We felt a bit mean, but we really wanted to catch it on video, so we harassed him a bit this weekend. =)

Fountain fun!

It was warm out and Lou took Cooper out to the fountain across the street. He was having such a great time she called me to come over with the good camera. I couldn't choose my favorite shots, so everyone gets a slideshow. =)

and a normal video:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where did my little boy go??

So grown up, doesn't need me any more!

YouTube Video

Sunday, August 7, 2011

18 months! How time flies!

Again, his likes and dislikes haven't really changed much, except the likes now include throwing and dislikes include having things taken away when he throws them!

He has also gotten very, very good on his scooter. He has even been let out of the hallway a few times. I need to get a good video of this. He seems so much more coordinated when he is on it, than when he is running and tripping down the hallway. ;)

His vocabulary has exploded again, I can't even track the words anymore. He has also started repeating things that he hears, even when he doesn't know what they refer to. He has also started putting two words together occasionally, the biggest being "no like". It is very useful, he says it before getting upset about something, oh, how he is growing up!

He still refers to most large moving objects as a "bus", but he has differentiated with "bike" and very occasionally with "ca" (short for "car" - doesn't quite have the "r" sound yet!).

He seems to be getting taller every day. He can now open doors, get most things off the kitchen counter, and climb up on just about everything in the house. We decided to get a height chart so we could start recording his growth. He appears to be 34in, which is about 95% percentile for his age, so still a very big kid! We tried to get a picture of it. . .

17 months old

(ok, so this was written really late (30 days late. . .) but the magic of technology will be moving this back a month once everyone has had a chance to read it. =)

His likes and dislikes haven't really changed since last month, but his vocabulary has at least doubled. However, he still calls all large moving objects with wheels "bus".

The words we can understand:

Back - when he wants you to put something back where it was before he moved it
Poo - said while he is squatting holding his diaper. He is correct about half the time... Maybe he is also identifying pee?? We will work this one out over the next 12 months!
Push - when he wants you to play with his toy, specifically push yourself on his scooter
Da - used for plane or bird. He even identifies the sound of a plane when he can't see it
Lou (his nanny)
Bush (the president not the plant)