Sunday, May 19, 2013

16 months and counting

For posterity - what Reagan was like at 16 months.

Physical development: Seems above the curve here, moves very quickly and can climb up just about anything.
Verbal development: No words yet, except mama and dada sounds do come out at opportune times, so maybe! But gets his point across in a variety of screams, grunts and smiles.
Size: Smaller than average, especially compared to his brother!
Health: With a combo of medications we have gone hospital-free for 5 months, hopefully we won't be back for awhile!

Kicking a ball
Throwing a ball
Watching someone else kick a ball
Watching someone else throw a ball (Seeing a pattern??)
Feeding himself (nothing goes in his mouth unless put there by himself)
Giving "love taps" (ok, sometimes it is just hitting but always with a huge smile) his brother
Running away and hiding (we are continuously walking around the house yelling "Reagan, where are you?")
Being outside (he literally gets his shoes and jacket and stands by the door screaming!)
Being carried (If he is not doing one of the above he wants to be carried everywhere.)
Birds, planes and dogs (Constantly pointing and grunting at them)

Diaper changes
Mommy or Mommy Lou leaving the house (or even the room sometimes)
Being inside

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