Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back in the hospital

Reagan had another stuffy nose and cough today. A doctor's visit turned in to lots of checks and waiting and finally another trip to A&E. We have now been officially admitted and Reagan is back on oxygen. The two bright parts of this story are that he doesn't have a feeding tube (pray for us that statement shouldn't have a "yet" at the end of it) and we have a private room with en-suite.

For those that remember the saga of the double room last time, we are back at that original hospital. The second hospital as well as 2-3 other private hospitals that Reagan's doctor has privileges at were all full and didn't have a bed available for us. The nurses here are excellent, so I am actually glad to be here, for now...

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  1. We are so sorry. Poor, sweet baby. Our love and thoughts are with you all.

    Steve and Judy