Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reagan update - hopefully the penultimate

Another good day today! The oxygen tubes have been removed and his stats are holding strong. We should definitely be going home tomorrow!

Cooper came to visit again:

And... The unsung hero of the last week has been Grandma. I called her a week ago and said "I need my mommy!". She arrived the following day and has been doing the day shift all week. I am not sure what we would have done without her!!


  1. Great news!!
    Missing you all already :(

    1. It was wonderful to be called and to be able to go and help. How often can a mother hear "I need my mommy" and not melt at the very sound.

      Alexis has been incredible at handling everything. It has been quite a two week period. What a wonderful mother she is. All three of her boys are very lucky to have her.

    2. Nama and Lexi were my saviors when Jac was in the hospital. They were there for us with no questions asked and for longer than I could have possibly hoped for. I will forever remember that as a highlight of that experience. We are definitely a family that pulls together in a crisis! Wish I could have been there also!