Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brothers: Best friends and enemies. . .

The first few days of Reagan and Cooper's life together started out well. Cooper showed a little, but not much interest in Reagan and would say "What's wrong baby" when he started to cry and "Baby eating mommy tummy" or "Baby eating water" when Reagan was eating.

Then it turned a bit sour yesterday. I was feeding Reagan and Cooper came over and said "No likey baby water" and pulled my shirt down. He then proceeded to have the biggest case of the mommies we have ever seen even though he had both Lou and Chris around to distract him. The evening ended with him so tired that he went to bed an hour early and me emotionally exhausted because of all of his tears.

So, I was a bit worried as today started, but as always, kids never cease to amaze you! This afternoon, when Cooper woke up from his nap, Reagan and I were in our bedroom, with the door closed, and Reagan was crying. I hear Cooper outside the door saying something about baby crying and mommy. So I grabbed Reagan and went out to say hi to Cooper and give him a hug. He directed all of us to go to the living room. I followed him and put Reagan down on the couch. Reagan started crying a bit and Cooper went over to check out what was going on. I came and sat next to him and he turned to me and said, "baby crying, mommy carry baby". (When Cooper wants to be carried he says "mommy carry boy".) He then directed Mommy and baby to go sit "over there" on the carpet. Reagan started crying again as we sat down. Cooper leaned down and put his arms on my legs and looked Reagan in the eyes and said "what's wrong baby". It was all incredibly sweet! (I wish I had a secret hidden camera in the house so I could catch these moments!!)