Friday, October 15, 2010

Cooper is getting a helmet

Cooper has a mild/medium case of "head flattening". It is both flat overall as well as flat at an angle. See photos below!

He will be getting a helmet fitted tomorrow which should help correct the problem. He will likely wear it for 4-6 months or until Chris and I decide it is good enough.

Over the next few months you will get reports on two numbers. The ratio of the width of his head to the length and the number of millimeters of asymmetry. We are starting at 99% and 14mm. We hope to get to about 90% and 5mm. ("Normal" is in the high 70's and 0mm. I am 76%.)

It was a tough decision but we think we will (and he someday will) be glad we did it.

Pictures below are of a computer screen displaying a 3D image they took of Cooper in order to make the helmet.


  1. Good idea....he looks soooo adorable he just looks like a fashion statement!

    Love from Aunt Patricia

  2. I just sent this off to Kelly...I thought she would
    be interested!!

    Love from Aunt Patricia